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Don't let hearing loss take away your precious moments with your family and friends. Enjoy your life to the fullest with the most advanced technologies in 2021 that are more affordable than ever.


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Featuring wireless Bluetooth connectivity to your Android and iOS devices, TV streaming and long-lasting rechargeability, this modern hearing aid with three microphones is one to look out for. Tailored to you, for you.

The Beltone Imagine is here in Singapore

Spot the Beltone Imagine 

Never miss a moment with your loved ones again with the Beltone Imagine. Sleek, discreet and advanced technology – all in a tiny hearing aid, as featured above. Can you spot it?

ReSound ONE, Your Brilliant Sound Experience 

With our excellence in clearer speech and our new fuller sound improvements, your loved one will get a richer experience throughout the day. 

From the laughter of the children in the morning to the TV playing in the evening, ReSound ONE™ makes the sound experience clearer, fuller and richer than ever before.

World’s most advanced rechargeable solution

Our latest, most advanced rechargeable hearing aid available provides unmatched sound quality in all environments, as well as wireless streaming from your devices. 

With the longest-lasting battery life and remote assistance, the hearing aids you deserve have finally arrived!

Discreet & Comfortable

These tiny hearing aids are nearly invisible and disappear when you are wearing them. 

No one will be able to see them in your ears, and they are so light and comfortable, you will barely feel them.

Made for Smartphone

Nessa smart hearing aids connect seamlessly to your smartphone, allowing you to have crystal-clear phone conversations in any environment.

In addition, you gain control of several features right from your phone including volume adjustment, personalized environmental settings and your current battery level.

Made for TV

Bring peace to your household with state of the art, made for TV hearing aids! 

Our TV streamer gives you crystal clear stereo sound wirelessly, with separate volume controls, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy your favorite shows together as a family.

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Why Nessa?

A large network of clinics across Singapore 

Advanced equipment and technology at your convenience, with friendly and professional audiologists providing the best care for you or your loved ones since 2015

Nessa promises to be your personal guide to better hearing as the fastest growing hearing care provider in Southeast Asia and APAC

Recognition and Awards - Trust is Key

Maximum quality maximum affordability

Competitive pricing offered with 12-month installment plans at 0% interest with eligible credit cards and guidance on the governmental support*
From selection to purchase, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Say goodbye to poor hearing and hello to the new you


Michael Tan

54 years

Hearing again is like a moment of rebirth. And Nessa makes it all possible in the most convenient way and this means I save time, no need for several appointments to consult the hospital’s audiologist. I can even dial up Nessa for consultation. 

Lau Wah Kee

68 years

I love the ReSound ONE hearing aids because of good, useful and advanced features to solve my hearing problem. Ask Nessa audiologists, who are friendly and professional to describe these features and assess how the features meet your hearing needs. A free trial is also available to test these features before you commit.

I had no idea how much life I was missing by ignoring my hearing loss. There’s no greater feeling than talking with my grandchildren and not struggling to hear what they are saying. A big thanks to Nessa and their expert audiologists for providing us with the best service they could offer.

75 years

Pauline Ong

Huge thanks to Nessa’s audiometrists for their patience and professionalism throughout the process of helping me find the best solution and fit with my hearing aidsThis made hearing environmental sounds so much clearer and helps me be aware of my surroundings. The after-sales service is great too. Thank you!

71 years

Michael Tan Chang Seng

We were served by friendly professionals with customised services. It was indeed a very pleasant experience. Also, very importantly, there was no hard selling at all.

79 years

Tan Lai Soon

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Your Personal Guide To Better Hearing

Your Personal Guide To Better Hearing

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*Selected models only.

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